- A Deanery of London Sponsored Event

7 pm on Tuesdays: Oct 3 & Nov 7, 2023, Jan 9 & Feb 6, 2024 at St Aidan's

Registration: https://forms.gle/Pfbd86n1YV9DQEFw6

This relationship-building process will take place over the course of a few months, with the hopes of deconstructing settler patterns and creating the space and place for a sojourning relationship to blossom. Starting with an in-person session that looks at where we start our journey from, we intend to open the conversation with clear definitions of the colonial structures and systems we find ourselves in, as well as an evaluation of the colonial posture we assume. With this starting point, we aim to express the trail we look to blaze together, as we begin to unravel what walking the Two Row Path looks like for each of our churches and ourselves. Coming back together three more times over the next few months, we will learn to examine critically our patterns of colonialism and find new practices that can help us explore what diversity and inclusion look like. Through the use of Bible study, case studies, and a creation of radical space, we will build our “backpacks” for the journey of the Two Row, and discover the ways in which we can speak truth and practice reconciliation.